So, what’s changing?

After 8 years in the event industry as a planner and designer, I am taking a big step backward to make a huge step forward. My life as an artist/designer began as a Studio Art major at Florida State University (Go Noles!), two degrees later I somehow found myself knee-deep in the event industry. Unfortunately, it was never really my first love. I was good at it and my business did well but it hasn’t been enough to keep me happy. A couple years ago I decided to take a small step back into the art world and one exhibition changed my life. I am now fully immersed in the world of visual art and I’ve even begun teaching again at the college level (call me Professor Kendrick :-). I’m happy now. I’m more driven than ever and I’m ready to step fully into art making and move from good to GREAT!

In the words of Earl Smooter, “You can’t ride two horses with one ass.” (Sweet Home Alabama, the movie)…so the time has come to say goodbye to E. Street Design Co. and to say hello to Erin is Creative!

Do you still make custom invitations?

Yes, this is currently a limited service. I still love graphic design so I am shifting away from client-driven, custom design and creating my first product line. My new line is called Sugah. by Erin is Creative. It will be a collection of bold, color-rich designs that speak to who I am and my aesthetic. It will include invitations, stationery, and lifestyle products and will be sold on my website www.eriniscreative.co or it’s secondary link www.sugahshop.com.

Do you still create branding and marketing items for businesses?

No, I no longer create business collateral such as logos, brochures etc.


Do you still plan events?

No, I no longer plan or design events. The last 8 years have been amazing but my passion for the event industry just isn’t there anymore. I’m taking my creativity back to where it all began, in the art studio and the classroom. The last of my booked events will occur in 2018 and I am no longer taking new clients.

I have an open order. Will my order be delivered?

Any open E. Street Design Co. will be completed by the end of May.

When will Sugah., your new product line be available?

A small collection of products will be available online beginning April 28, 2018.

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