Today I hosted a great workshop at the Jax Makerspace in the Main Library in downtown Jacksonville, FL.  It was a great session for those in attendance and it gave me a chance to view the Kesha exhibition once again.  Today’s topic was “The Art of Business – Presentation & Branding for Artist & Creatives”. We discussed the presentation items that every creative should have updated and ready to send (or access) at all times such as resumes, CVs, websites, etc.  If you were unable to attend the presentation can be accessed here The Art of Business – ESDC.

I also gave the participants a few ways to jump start their writing process for artist statements, as well as, mission & value statements, and branding.  Those resources can be found below.

The Art of Business Resources
The Art of Business Worksheet
ES Branding Questionnaire
5 tips to refresh your logo to build a better brand

Thank you again to everyone who participated! I hope that you left a little more knowledgeable then you came.  It’s time to get moving and get prepared for your rise to top!

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